Toni has been writing and editing since 2001. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and several years later earned her Master’s of Business Administration degree while working full-time.

Toni honed her skills through the years; she has worked on magazines, marketing campaigns and blogs that span multiple industries, such as Print & Graphics, Technology; Automotive; and Hospitality. She has written thousands of articles through the course of her career, including marketing materials, feature stories, executive profiles and more. And she has editing thousands of additional articles for staff writers, co-workers, freelancers and clients.

Writing and editing, however, aren’t the only skills Toni brings to the table. She has managed several publications, both in print and online, and served as the face and voice of her publications, regularly meeting with industry professionals and representing her brands in a wide range of situations. Executives up to the Fortune 500 C-level, across multiple industries, continue to take her calls, consent to interviews and look to work with her, even after she is no longer with the publications they initially encountered her with.

After spending more than a decade working for large publishing companies, Toni decided to capitalize on her connections and experience, and go into business full time for herself. Today, she take clients across a wide range of industries, for everything from writing Web site content, to managing blogs, to writing feature stories, to editing copy for publications and more.

Outside of work, Toni is a pet lover, with three cats, two of which have been with her since the start, moving around the country with her, and generally approving all of her career decisions – most of the time. She is also an avid reader of both fiction and news, and is a true “tech geek” with a particular love of portable electronics of all types. After a large portion of her career was spent in New York, she relocated back to Florida for the sunshine, lack of snow and lizards (the cats requested that last one) where she is currently living.