The Value of Virtual

The Value of Virtual

As technology continues to progress, it shapes the ever-expanding and changing nature of business, requiring owners to be more fluid, nontraditional and creative in their decisions.  If the principles upon which a business is run are adapting to this era, isn’t it time for the staff model, a business’s backbone and life source, to evolve as well?

The most important asset a business can hold is a competent, dedicated staff, whose goal is to drive the business to prosper.  Oftentimes, it is also a business’s most costly and underutilized asset.  Any inefficiencies in the workforce directly equate to loss in profit, whether that inefficiency is paying underused employees for “down” time or overburdening your workforce with too many tasks for them to operate effectively.

Enter Premier VEBA, Inc., a team of associates with various talents available to collaborate with you on an as-needed basis.  By taking advantage of Premier VEBA’s on-demand services and specialized experts, projects and tasks critical to the success of your business are completed in a proficient manner.  This newfound efficiency will allow your business to run smoother and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Virtual businesses are a rapidly growing resource utilized by many progressive business owners across the country for a wide variety of advantageous reasons. It’s no wonder that, according to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of telecommuters increased by 80 percent from 2005-2012 and that number continues to rise.  Properly utilizing this growing force can save your business money, increase the quality of your projects, and directly influence profits.

One of the largest advantages to working with our Virtual Associates are the “as-needed” terms.  Our associates are available if and when you are in need of their skill set.  Through this method, you can be sure that you are only being billed for time spent enhancing your business.  This can eliminate a large portion of a business’s overhead cost, freeing up funds for other significant expenditures.

A second advantage our Virtual Associates have over their traditional counterparts is their specialization in their chosen field. Rather than wearing many hats and casting their net broadly in skill development, our associates are much more focused.  Due to the nature of their industries being so competitive, our associates spend their time focused on their particular talent.  With all of their effort dedicated to honing their particular skill set, our Associates become a master of their chosen field and a true professional in every sense of the world.

Something else that makes Premier VEBA so unique is the team environment we have created.  Our associates bring their particular expertise to the table and work seamlessly together to complete a multi-faceted project.  For example, while one of our developers is building your website, he can work closely with a writer from our creative team to form your content and they can both work alongside the graphic artist who is designing your logo.  The result of this effective collaboration is one of excellence and consistency.  Doesn’t every business deserve that?

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