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The Rise of the Remote Workforce

The landscape of the modern workforce is changing. With the advent and rise of technology, our roles and offices have changed shape and function. Nearly every professional has a computer that they interact with at least once a day, and for a majority of Americans, they spend their entire day in front of a computer.

Long past are the days of being disconnected and unplugged, but what does this mean for companies that want to move forward? Prices for buildings, insurance, utilities and cleaning services have continued to rise. So much so that many businesses are reimagining their workforce. They are minimizing the office size, reducing the number of full-time employees and creating a new version of the American workforce.

There have been some critiques and criticisms about the moving remote, but here are three major companies that have reimagined what it means to work remotely.


Mozilla is the company that is most famously known for their web browser Firefox. They are completely open to having a remote workforce.  At Mozilla, there are a few positions that are required to be in house, but many are not.  A large amount of Mozilla’s employees are allowed to work where they are most comfortable.  Rather than focusing on the traditional office environment and everything that comes with it, Mozilla’s employees are able to focus solely on results.

By giving employees the choice to work in the environment that is best suited to their life, you not only empower them, but you also encourage them to deliver the best results. Employees at Mozilla laud the openness that is presented when they are given the choice to work from home whenever they want. It shifts the focus from working on the clock to working for results.


37Signals is the company behind the popular project management tool Basecamp. Almost their entire workforce of 39 people is remote. 37Signals is probably one of the loudest advocates for a remote workforce. They recently released a book, Remote in which they detail the process, strategy, and benefits behind having a remote workforce.

The employees at 37Signals discuss how, when working remotely, they are better able to manage their work and life balance. If they are not a morning person, they simply do not get up in the morning. If they need to set up a doctor’s appointment, they do not have to manage time off with anyone. They simply work a full day on their time.  This flexibility enables 37Signals’ staff to lead fuller lives.


The company behind the world’s most popular blogging platform, WordPress, is Automattic. They, like Mozilla, have an office, but encourage their employees to work wherever they are comfortable and the most productive. Automattic describes itself as not being against the office culture, rather just “location agnostic.”

When hired to Automattic, each employee is given $2,000 to reinvent and refresh their home office space. They want each employee to have a space that feels like their own, and ensure that the environment each employee creates is conducive to their success. They also understand that with a remote workforce, that it is hard to establish a culture among the employees.  To counter this disadvantage every year, with the savings from not having a huge office, they fly every employee to some exotic location for an annual meet up.


A Remote Workforce for Your Business

It is understandable if, as a business owner, you are not able to shift your entire workforce to a remote one.  For some businesses, that is just not possible.  Moreover, there is still an undue level of mistrust about those who work remotely. Some of this mistrust can be dissipated by carefully choosing which company you select when choosing your new virtual associates.

At Premier VEBA, we are steadfast in our mission to deliver a competent and capable workforce.  Before hiring, each member of our staff is intensely pre-screened,and repeatedly tested until we are satisfied with their capabilities.  This testing process ensures that each and every one of our team members are experts in their field, and we truly believe in their ability to succeed.

To learn more about Premiere VEBA, you can contact us below, or give us a call at 844-444-VEBA(8322).  We are glad to help you and answer any questions you may have about any aspect of the remote workforce experience.


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