Introducing Premier VEBA, Virtual Business Solutions for the Modern World

Introducing Premier VEBA, Virtual Business Solutions for the Modern World

Premier VEBA, Inc. is a refreshing new take on the virtual business experience. Founder and CEO Dana Schomp has assembled a business solutions dream team, covering every aspect of work needed for a successful business.


PRLog (Press Release) – Apr. 10, 2014 – NEW YORK — Premier VEBA is a revolutionary virtual company designed by business owners, for business owners. Premier VEBA, or PVEBA for short, aims to offer a wide variety of experts in all aspects of business, to create an extremely well-rounded virtual business experience. American companies, large or small, and entrepreneurs located anywhere across the country can hire any member of PVEBA’s top-notch team to take on projects vital to their business. From graphic design to marketing, copy writing, training programs for current and new staff, and beyond, Premier VEBA is your one-stop, virtual solution shop for all things related to your business.

Today’s businesses need a wide variety of specialized people to succeed. A highly specialized and motivated staff is required for everything from marketing to graphic design, administrative support, sales and everything in between.  Premier VEBA aims to reduce costly employment overhead and reduce the costs associated with conducting business at a high level.

Premier VEBA has filled the gap between full-time staff and freelancers. Since each member of Premier VEBA’s team has been intensely pre-screened and hired for their strengths and proficiency, there is no need to sift through endless resumes and ads. As a business owner, you can trust that the staff member you’re contracting is among the best in their field. A business relationship between Premier VEBA and your business is exactly that, a business-to-business relationship. It’s all about their business helping your business reach its full potential.

Founder and CEO Dana Schomp brought Premier VEBA to life around the concept of helping companies grow and thrive. After traversing the corporate landscape for many years, it was only natural that upon her exit, she would continue to apply her skills. For years, she worked on her own as a virtual associate and consultant,and built a large, satisfied customer base along the way. However, going it alone has its drawbacks, especially in a field as diverse as virtual assistance.

As the waiting list for her services grew longer, Schomp began searching for a better, more efficient way to help her clientele.

“I knew there had to be a better way to help my client’s businesses soar, and going it alone wasn’t the answer,” said Schomp. “One person can’t be great at everything, especially with the wide variety of services that a business needs to operate.”

She found the solution to this problem lies in teamwork.

In late 2013, Dana decided that it had come time to explore the prospect of teamwork. Premier VEBA, Inc. is the fruit of her labors.

“I was fortunate to connect with the right people who helped me get here by sharing their expertise, their experience or just providing an influence on my life with who they were and how they conducted business.” said Schomp. “I wanted to provide others with the same opportunities I was given.”

This generous attitude and desire to share knowledge not only applies to businesses, but nonprofits as well.   Everyone on the Premier VEBA team agrees to donate a portion of their time every year to nonprofit organizations and charities, helping them to grow and prosper. By giving before receiving, the Premier VEBA team hopes to make a positive difference in this world and continue to do so for years to come.

“We’re all on the same team here, and that’s what makes Premier VEBA standout from the rest,” said Schomp. “Exemplary individuals from all walks of life, united under one banner and working closely together with one goal in mind; helping others to thrive.”

For more information about Premier VEBA, please visit and explore the possibilities for your business. You’ll find information regarding the wide variety of services offered by this fresh, new company, and contact information for a free consultation. The world is going digital, isn’t it time your business did too?

Dana Schomp