Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Should have any additonal questions or need information, please contact us.

What is Premier VEBA?

Premier VEBA is a unique take on virtual business.  We’ve assembled an incredibly diverse team with a variety of skills to cover all of your business needs at every stage of growth and development.

What are the advantages of using Premier VEBA for my business’s needs?

There’s a variety of advantages to working with Premier VEBA. For starters, the quality of work that we turn out is exceptional. Our team members are able to focus on their specialty and take on a wide variety of projects in the process. The result is a very well-rounded and knowledgeable professional prepared to help you take on the challenges you face.

Secondly, Premier VEBA’s experts are available whenever you need them for however long you need them. No more paying for specialized staff on retainer or for down time between projects. Premier VEBA can provide a highly economical alternative, allowing you to focus on revenue generating activities.

Finally, initiating a project with Premier VEBA is as simple as can be. Consultations are always free, and once an agreement has been reached, our project management staff takes over. While overseeing every step in the project’s progress, our management team communicates directly with you at every milestone, keeping you in the loop and helping you appropriately time your next steps. You focus on your future and let us handle the now.

How do I know where to begin?

That’s why we’re here and that’s exactly what our free consultation is for.  Reach out today and speak with one of our experts.  We’ll guide you through the process, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and put together a comprehensive plan to help you reach your business goals. Don’t worry if you’re not ready to do it all at once. We assign a priority level to each aspect of our assessment, so the important things are at the forefront of our efforts.

How much does it cost?

Every business and venture is unique in nature, and therefore our pricing is assessed independently and assigned to each individual project.  Consultations are always free, with no commitment required.  Our goal is to be there for you when you need us and only when you need us, not sell you a service you don’t need.

Worried about the size of your project?  No project is too big or small for Premier VEBA.  We welcome both short-term and long-term projects of any type, for any size business

Is it safe to work virtually? How do I know my sensitive information is secure?

The safety and security of your business is of the utmost importance to us. The team at Premier VEBA implements various security measures in several areas to ensure the safekeeping of all of your information.  With each project, additional measures are taken to ensure that your confidential materials stays secure.

How do I communicate with my Premier VEBA team?

How you choose to communicate with your Premier VEBA team is entirely up to you.  Skype?  We’ve got it.  Slack?  ooVoo? Email?  Phone? Text Messaging?  Check, check, check, check and check.  Whatever your preferred means of communication, rest assured that you’ll be able to get through to your team if and when you need to. Project Managers are always available by phone at any time to answer all of your questions regarding the status of your project and will reach out to you first with regular updates on progress.  We know how important it is to stay in the loop with tasks and have made it as easy as possible to do so.  We stay on top of things so you don’t have to stress over meeting deadlines and budgets.

How is my team chosen?

Your business is unique and deserves customized service.  After your free consultation, we match you with hand-selected, dedicated members of our team to work together to fulfill your business needs.  Our choices are based on a team member’s talent, personality and skills to ensure that you have the absolute best Premier VEBA experience possible.

Having a team with the proper synergy can make a world of difference for you and your business. By personalizing our service, we set a precedent for the caliber of service you can expect from Premier VEBA from day one.