As a Marketing Associate, Dan brings a variety of skills to the PVEBA team and clients have come to depend on his adaptability in addition to his marketing experience.  Able to work on a variety of diverse projects, Dan is a true team player and happy to step-in wherever necessary to get a job done, but branding is his specialty.  “I enjoy working with the branding of a company. I love building a brand up and making it recognizable to its potential customers as well as the general public. I believe branding is an extremely important part of marketing because it helps keep the company at the top of a consumer’s head just by using a simple logo, slogan, or motto. I enjoy being able to be creative with brands to help them succeed.”

Daniel is a 2nd year MBA student at Pace University in New York City studying marketing management. He has utilized his marketing talent in many industries including health and wellness & consumer products. Dan continues to grow his marketing skills and wants to expand his specialties to include social media and online marketing.  In his spare time, he enjoys exercising and has competed in several Spartan Races. He also enjoys swimming from his days as a lifeguard and swim instructor and traveling.  He recently visited China where he had the experience of learning from businesses across many industries. “I have a really friendly and energetic personality and I hope my personality and experiences can bring the best possible experience to the clients of PVEBA”