Dana Schomp began her virtual career has an administrative assistant out of necessity — she had been in an accident and needed to find another way to support her family during her long recovery.  So, she put her experience as an admin to work for herself. She continued that business even when she returned to the corporate world, and later, she made the decision to make her own business her full-time job.

Before long, her virtual assistant business was booming, with a waiting list of clients. As her business grew, she noticed that many of those clients were coming to her for work that was outside of the traditional virtual assistant realm. She tried working with outside contractors, but was frustrated with the lack of consistency and cohesiveness. From that, Premier VEBA was born.

Schomp has placed a high value on being not just a contractor to her clients, but a partner who will help them grow their business. She has built a team of experts in everything from social media to website design to copywriting to art direction. She meets with every client to create a customized plan of growth, and then ensures the right people are working on the right projects.

Schomp’s goal is to fill the gap between a full-time employee and a contract freelancer. She has done all of the hard work finding and assembling her team, so companies can come to her with peace of mind, knowing they are going to get high-quality work, every time.

As part of her dedication to not just being another contractor looking to get paid, Schomp has put an emphasis on giving back to the community as well. Every member of her team donates their time and expertise to various nonprofit organizations every year.

For now, Schomp is focusing on expanding her business in the United States, and finding the time to give even more back to charitable organizations. In the future, she plans to expand internationally and has a vision of creating virtual teams around the globe, so every client will have a top-notch, local workforce available any time they need it, ready to tackle every challenge.