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Premier VEBA, Inc. was founded in the U.S. with the express intent of providing entrepreneurs, independent professionals and companies with a comprehensive suite of customized business services, in an innovative, virtual environment.


Our Executive Team provides you and your business with services vital to any organization, whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years.  This includes our office associates, finance and management professionals.


Our Creative Team includes various artists including, illustrators, graphic and web designers, as well as writers, editors, audio/ visual professionals and more.  They work one-on-one or along with other teams on any task in need of their inspired touch.


Our Technical Team provides a plethora of services encompassing both hardware and software solutions.  This includes operating systems, big data, analytics, building both small and large-scale enterprise systems, app development and more.

Giving Back ProgramVirtual Assistance

One of the many things that sets PVEBA apart, is our commitment to helping others.
Premier VEBA’s premium business solutions are not only assisting businesses across the country, but charities and nonprofits as well.  Each member of the Premier VEBA team donates their time and skills every year to needful charities and nonprofit organizations helping them to grow and prosper.
If you are a part of a nonprofit organization or know of one in need of any of our services, please contact us.  While space for this donated time is limited, we consider any and all requests equally in our assessment.


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“Creating  a  company  whose  sole  focus  is  to  help  others

succeed,  was  the  best  idea  I could  have  had”

– Dana Schomp




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What Our Clients Say

Sharon Rosen

Sharon Rosen

“I cannot recommend Dana Schomp and Premier VEBA highly enough. She is knowledgeable about so many aspects of running a web-based business, and holds her customer’s needs as her absolute top priority. Over the course of several conversations, Dana took the time to thoroughly understand what I was trying to achieve. She was able to help me find the most cost-effective strategy for starting to sell products through my website, and likely saved me hundreds of dollars!

I am so grateful that a friend referred me to her; she is now my go-to person for online help, and someone to whom I can wholeheartedly refer others as well.”

Zazz Daniel

Zazz Daniel

“Business is filled with myriad details. There is so much to do! Dana helps break everything down into manageable chunks…and then handles it ALL for me. In this way, I can focus more on business development/revenue and less on the endless to-do’s.This is a huge benefit to my business.

Dana is very easy to talk to, as well. This is essential for figuring out problems and develop efficiencies with.  Additionally, because she has a wealth of experience to draw from, she even contributes greatly to developing strategic plans. She is punctual, professional, and takes full responsibility for her actions.

Bottom line for me is this: I receive exceptional value and enormous assistance. I can’t ask for more than that.”

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Sharing viewpoints from our many writers and guest bloggers covering a variety of topics relevant to business.

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It is a quirk of living in modern society, where communication went from being nearly always done with your name and reputation attached, to now often anonymous. In the world of online personas, and increasing communication done through computers, everyone now has a choice whether to engage the world under their own
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Reading an actual book may seem so twentieth century, and long form content may be too much of a time investment for today’s social media focused sound bite world. However, it’s most definitely valuable - and a great way to get away from the computer, tablet, or smartphone screen. Here
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No matter what industry you are in, no matter what type of services or products you offer, you have likely had a client that drove you crazy. You know the one. It's the client who makes you debate answering the phone when you see their number come up on caller
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